Wash & Whips Spa Stripper Removes Waxes & Sealants FAQ

A: Spa Stripper is designed to efficiently remove old waxes and sealants from the car's surface, aiding in the preparation for the next round of coating. It simplifies the detailing process by eliminating the need for extensive buffing or using a clay bar.

A: Both professional detailers and home enthusiasts can benefit from using Spa Stripper. It's ideal for those who require a quick and effective solution to remove waxes and sealants without investing hours in manual labor or needing expensive equipment.

A: Spa Stripper is effective in removing waxes that usually last up to three months and sealants that can last up to a year, ensuring the car’s surface is clean and prepped for a new application.

A: Removing old waxes or sealants is crucial because it ensures that the car's surface is properly prepped and free of contaminants, which allows for better adhesion of the new coating, resulting in a longer-lasting finish and enhanced protection.

A: Spa Stripper offers significant advantages by saving time and avoiding the need for expensive equipment or a garage. It streamlines the decontamination process, allowing for an easy and effective removal of old coatings, thereby facilitating a better application of new protective layers.

A: It is recommended to use Hockenheim Insect & Bug Remover as needed, such as after a long road trip or when you notice a buildup of insect residue on your vehicle.